Video Resources

This page includes a range of video information and video training resources for both farmers and farm advisors which have been produced by the Pearl Mussel Project. We have also included links to a range of video resources on freshwater pearl mussel prepared by other groups, which may be of interest. You will find other videos and materials on our Schools & Education Resources pages.

Pearl Mussel Programme Farmer Videos

PMP Carbon Conect Video

Carbon Connects and Pearl Mussel Project Joint Webinar March 2021

Farmer webinar 10 2020

Pearl Mussel Project EIP - Farmer Training Webinar October 2020


Pearl Mussel Project EIP - March 2020 Farmer Update

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 10.43.40

Rhododendron control - Farmer training video

Sheep Dipping Demonstration

Supporting Actions Claim App tutorial for PMP farmers

Pearl Mussel Programme Farm Advisor Video Tutorials

Habitat Scorecards

PMP Habitat Scorecards Tutorial - Full Video

PMP Habitat Scorecards tutorial - Full video

PMP Habitat Scoring in the Programme

PMP Habitat Scoring in the Programme

PMP Using the Woodland-Scrub Scorecard

PMP Using the Woodland-Scrub Scorecard

PMP Using the Grassland Scorecard

PMP Using the Grassland Scorecard

PMP Using the Peatland Scorecard

PMP Using the Peatland Scorecard

Online mapping system

Data Handling Intro

PMP Introduction to data handling, online map and scorecard App

Data Handling Tutoral 1

PMP Online mapping system Tutorial 1 of 3 - Basic functionality

Data Handling Tutoral 2

PMP Online mapping system Tutorial 2 of 3 - Layers and Content

Data Handling Tutoral 3

PMP Online mapping system Tutorial 3 of 3 - Supporting Actions

Scorecard App

PMP App tutorial 1 of 3- Getting started

PMP App Tutorial 1 of 3 - Getting Started

PMP App tutorial 2 of 3- Habitat Scorecards

PMP App Tutorial 2 of 3 - Habitat Scorecards

PMP App tutorial 3 of 3- Wholefarm Scorecard

App Tutorial 3 of 3 - Whole-farm Scorecard

Pearl Mussel Programme Educational Videos 

FPM Ed Video blue

Introduction to the ecology of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel 
(Full length version, duration 21 mins)

Introduction to the ecology of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel 
(Short length version, duration 6 mins)

Videos featuring Pearl Mussel Programme created by other groups

NRN EIP-AGRI Participating Farmer Video Blog: Pearl Mussel Project

Farmers Journal video on the Pearl Mussel Project

Pearl Mussel Project featured On Ear To The Ground - November 2020

Freshwater Pearl Mussel Videos created by other groups

Ed Pack Video image 4

Freshwater Pearl Mussel Rescue Project Overview (Ballinderry River Trust, NI)

Anja from Eco Eye searches for Freshwater Pearl Mussels (Eco Eye)

Pearls in Peril LIFE+ Nature Project (Scottish Natural Heritage)

The mysteries of the freshwater pearl mussel (Finnish video)

A study into freshwater pearl mussels (University of Derby)

Saving Britain’s Pearl Mussels (Al Jazeera English)

Life Cycle of a Freshwater Mussel! (US Fish & Wildlife Service)

Restoring Freshwater Mussel Rivers in England (Louise Lavictoire) 

Mussels at Work: A Time Lapse Demonstration (USA)

Amazing Missouri Mussels (Missouri Department of Conservation) 

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