Programme participation

Nominate approved advisor

At contract acceptance the participant farmer must nominate an approved Pearl Mussel Programme farm advisor to work on the farmer’s behalf. The Project Team will issue a copy of the farm plan to the farmer and advisor.

Farm assessment

On an annual basis the advisor, working with the farmer, will carry out a review of the farm operation, score all habitats on the farm, complete the whole farm assessment, and make recommendations with regards future management.

Submit results

The results of the advisors assessment will be submitted to the Project Team for review and payment. All payments will be made directly to the farmer’s nominated bank account by the Project Team and a summary of payment calculations will be sent to the farmer and advisor. 

Annual work plan

The farmer, supported by the advisor, may also propose supporting actions in the form of the annual works plan to be submitted by the end of each year. Once approved by the Project Team these actions will be undertaken by the farmer during the following year and the associated payment will be issued on satisfactory completion.

Farmer training

All participants are required to attend a training course in each year of the Programme, training will cover such topics as; scoring of habitats, freshwater ecology, nutrient and farm management guidance. The participant will receive a payment of €100 for attendance at a full day training course. Where the farmer is unable to attend then they need to nominate a named representative to attend on their behalf. In the case of non-attendance by farmers (or a representative), a 10% reduction on all payments in that year will be applied. 

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