PMP programme news sheet June 2019

PMP have been busy over the last few weeks getting contract offers out to farmers to join the Pearl Mussel Programme, processing the returned contracts and handling administratve issues. It has meant a lot of postal work ! Here are some facts about the programme to date.


Number of expressions of interest received from farmers: 465

Number of contract offers made by PMP to farmers to join the programme: 365

Contract offers across the various project catchments:

  • Blackwater, Kerry: 58
  • Bundorragha, Mayo: 54
  • Caragh, Kerry: 64
  • Currane, Kerry: 49
  • Dawros, Galway: 46
  • Glaskeelan, Donegal: 13
  • Owenriff, Galway: 40
  • Owenagappul, Cork: 41

  • Number of returned contract offers received by PMP to date: over 200

  • Total area of private land under offer: 16,383ha (total in PMP catchments 26,740ha) - 61% of private farmland in catchments is currently under offer.
  • Total area of priority commonage under offer: 5,022ha (total in PMP catchments 14,016ha) - 36% of commonage land in catchments currently under offer.
  • Total area of farmland under offer: 21,405ha (total in PMP catchments 40,756ha) - 53% of farmland under offer across all catchments.

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